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The benefits of a corporate health & wellness coach

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Implementing a Corporate Wellness Program is Good for Your Bottom Line

Read on to see how making your employees’ health a priority can benefit your company!

Health coach, corporate health, corporate wellness
During my weekly one-on-one health coaching meetings with employees of a law firm where I do nutrition counseling!

It's becoming more mainstream for corporations to hire wellness coaches, personal trainers and even host annual health fairs to supply flu shots and blood pressure checks. Here are a few reasons why you should implement a wellness program:

1) Employee loyalty. Offering such benefits to the employees gives them a sense of importance and status, which in turn ensures retainment of high-quality staff.

2) Health goes hand in hand with Productivity. Both a healthy body and mindset is correlated with increased employee productivity, and therefore increased revenue! Endorphins from an increase in physical activity can promote happiness and improved cognitive skills.

3) Protect Profits! In 2015, the CDC reported $225 billion in company losses as a result of employee absenteeism, and this figure does not include health issues that hinder employee performance while actually being present at work!

4) Lower Cost of Healthcare. Prevention and management of diseases like diabetes and obesity can help to lower health insurance costs, having a positive effect on profit!

5) Reduction in Disease Risk. Accountability of meeting with a health coach on a regular basis results in long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes such as reduction of BMI, reduction in body weight, reduction in HbA1c levels (an indicator for diabetes), reduction in stress, reduction in body fat %, increase in lean body mass and an increase in nutritional knowledge. All of the above lead to a reduction in disease risk.

6) Healthy Corporate Environment. Employees can use stress management techniques they learned from their coaches to prevent feeling too overwhelmed at work, which contributes to a healthier working environment for everyone!

7) Interpersonal relationships. When multiple employees are involved in the program, it helps to create a sense of team support and participation.

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