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How to detox after a weekend of drinking, eating and partying AKA destination wedding weekend

The weekend in Napa for my friends wedding couldn't have been more magical. The food was local, fresh, delicious and the wine was impeccable (no headaches!). However, four days of wine tasting, pairings with cheese, numerous passed hors d'oeuvres, champagne, caviar, lamb chops, and countless amount of desserts has definitely caught up to me today.

Here is how I am detoxing and to feel more energetic and shed the extra pounds.

1) First drink when I wake up: Hot water with a couple squeezes of lemon juice. Why? To help flush out toxins, and boost energy. The Vitamin C is also good for me because I have suffered with adrenal fatigue in the past, and it can help reduce the effects of stress.

2) Take an elixir shot of of raw extra virgin olive oil. Just 1 TBSP of olive oil and a few squeezes of lemon juice to help reduce oxidative stress to the liver. I also love the taste of it!

3) Second drink: Hot Green Tea: It has the perfect amount of caffeine to help with a boost of energy and brain function without the jitters. Also, the EGCG is a powerful antioxidant that can aid in weight loss.

4) Rest of day drink: Water infused with cucumber. Cucumber is a natural diuretic that can help flush out excess water retention and toxins.

5) Breakfast: Low glycemic fruits such as berries with an acai bowl or chia bowl for a burst of energy and fiber. Another good option: a spinach artichoke frittata. Add some avocado for a good source of fat and added fiber that will keep you satiated. Skip all added sugars and high glycemic fruit such as bananas. Even though a banana is natural sugar, when detoxing, it is best to limit as much sugar as possible. Acai puree is naturally very low in sugar and carbs when there are no additives in it, so be sure to read the labels. Artichokes provide probiotics and spinach is also a great cleanser.

6) Probiotics: The Life Vantage probiotics are best. The round shape and unique bio-tract time release technology ensures the good bacteria gets to your small and large intestine where it does its job. Most probiotic capsules are destroyed by stomach acid before making it to the intestines. They also have a cleanse which is helpful to get back on track. Here is a link to buy-

6) Snack for the day: Celery sticks. The potassium and sodium content helps balance the body fluid and it also helps eliminate toxins.

8) Lunch and Dinner: Beets/carrots, leafy greens sautéed in garlic and a lean protein. It is important to get adequate protein throughout the day and animal protein provides a full spectrum of amino acids. I recommend turkey, chicken, salmon or cod. Beets, carrots and leafy greens help flush out the liver.

9) Avoid: gluten, wheat, dairy (Except grass-fed butter), most grains, refined sugar, processed foods, oils other than coconut oil or olive oil,

10) If you feel like you need something sweet, grab a citrus fruit like an orange or grapefruit. This will satisfy your sweet tooth and provides Vitamin C for immunity boost and helps the skin glow!

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