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Health Coaching Programs

  • 3 Health Webinars

    Every month
    3 webinars for the health conscious company (1 per month)
    Valid for 3 months
    • Health education webinars / lessons
    • Topics: Nutrition101, SMART-Goal Setting, Weight Management,
    • Exercise Nutrition/Muscle, Meal Prep,
    • Current Trends in Diets
    • Intuitive Eating, Optimizing Your Food Environment,
    • Customizable programs available for additional fee
  • Consultation

    1 call as needed
    Valid for one month
    • Single Consultation
Elexe Joy, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

"Lexi coached and advised me when I worked at a law firm a few years ago. She is a great motivator and she recommended the best foods, restaurants and stress relievers to help me improve my health. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has shown and taught me in order to keep my body and mind healthy.

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